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Internal Audit

Our internal audit outsource services provide a high degree of objectivity and independence to internal audit function. With our experienced internal audit specialists, our clients have been able to increase the quality and productivity of their internal audits. We have been able to achieve significant cost savings for our clients when they outsource their internal audit services to ICC.

Our internal audit services consist of:

  • Providing out-sourcing and co-sourcing internal audit services.
  • Performing ad-hoc internal audit projects.
  • Assisting in developing internal audit project plan.
  • Ensuring proper integration of SOX with external audit.
  • Complementing our clients’ internal audit team by providing required resources for financial and IT cycles.
  • Assisting in developing internal audit manual and related test programs.
  • Assisting in operational and financial risk assessment.
  • Analyzing and reporting internal audit findings to company executives and the Audit Committee.