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SOX Compliance

At ICC, we have been able to optimize the cost of SOX compliance for our clients. Our significant industry, independent audit and SOX experiences have provided us with appropriate skills to achieve a high level of optimization for our clients. The result of this optimization has been to reduce the scope of SOX testing for our clients while increasing the quality of financial reporting and the level of external auditors’ reliance on management testing.

We provide full financial and IT SOX services which consist of the following:

  • Scoping and risk assessment
  • Rationalization of SOX controls by:
    • Ensuring key controls contain appropriate control points to deliver intended control objectives.
    • Reduction in number of key controls to an optimum level in compliance with Auditing Standard 5.
  • Testing with focus on key high risk areas to reduce risk of Material Weakness ("MW").
  • In-depth /performance testing of key controls to increase the level of SOX & external audit integration.