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Client Testimonials

The following are testimonials provided by our clients demonstrating how ICC has added value to their compliance processes. The names of our clients and executives provided the testimonial have not been published in our web site to honor their requests. However, we can provide their contact information upon request.

Customer Testimonial provided by CFO of one of ICC clients:

“We have used ICC for a number of years to be our independent internal audit team. ICC has been instrumental in assisting us to have solid financial reporting controls. These controls have been critical in meeting our financial reporting requirements under GAAP.
At our company with ICC help, we have been fairly successful in the integration of SOX and audit as defined in the Auditing Standard 5 issued by PCOB.  We attributed our success in achieving these goals to ICC’s extensive SOX and public accounting (auditing) experience.“  

Customer Testimonial provided by Corporate Controller of one of ICC clients:

 “ICC assisted our company to reduce the SOX compliance cost by lowering the number of our key controls by half. This reduction provided us with 40% decrease in our SOX costs. Additionally, ICC has helped us to revamp our key controls to ensure we have appropriate controls to reduce the risk of material misstatements in our financial statements. Because of ICC efforts, our external auditors’ level of reliance on our SOX work increased to almost 100%.

The success of ICC in achieving these goals was mostly related to their highly qualified employees with appropriate public accounting and SOX experience.