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Temp Staffing

Scope of Search: We are specialized in meeting your temporary (“Temp”) position needs in accounting, finance and IT.  
Our team of recruiters with many years of industry experience works with you to understand your needs and requirements. We use our extensive personal network and database of qualified candidates to find the right match for the position under the search.

Temp Staffing- Inherent Inefficiencies:  

In our research, we identified the following industry-wide inefficiencies in Temp Assignments, which have created significant frustrations among users of Temp Services:

  • Temp Staff turnovers cause disruptions and increase companies costs in their day-to-day operations (i.e. required more time to find a replacement disrupting day-to-day operations and to re-train the new Temp employee).
  • Time spent by the Temp Staff on researching specific accounting or IT technical issues delays the execution of assigned tasks which, in turn, increases the cost of Temp Services.

ICC Solution To Temp Staffing Inefficiencies:  To address these inefficiencies, ICC has adopted the “Team Approach” concept in its Temp Staffing Practice.  The key elements of this unique approach are as follow:

  • In addition to the temp staff assigned to each project, a dedicated ICC senior employee will oversee the performance of the assigned Temp Staff. ICC senior employee will have the knowledge of the daily/weekly work being performed by the Temp Employee so that he/she can step in to fill in for the Temp Employee’s absences from work until a replacement is found. This may happen in case of Temp Employee’s turnover or medical leave.
Specific accounting or IT technical issues will be researched by dedicated senior ICC employee assigned to each Temp Assignment, to support the Temp Employee. For more complex issues, ICC’s many other technical resources will be used to support the temp employee assigned to projects at no additional costs to our clients.